VIVA Genomics

Lifestyle Genetic Tests – DNA genetic tests that help you to better understand yourself and determine the most suitable lifestyle and habits for you!

What is the aim of Lifestyle Genetic testing?

Your genes play a very important role in the functioning of the mind and body. Genetic changes in combination with external environmental factors can have a major impact on one’s physical appearance, behavior, and health in general. The DNA tests will reveal information on the things you might need to change or modify in different areas of your life.

Available tests:

  • Skin diagnostic DNA tests
  • Metabolic DNA tests
  • DNA test for vitamin metabolism
  • DNA test to choose the sport type more suitable for an individual
  • Behavioral, and mental health DNA test

1. Request the treatment (by phone or in an electronic form) supplemented with your medical information:

      • records of medical history,
      • latest general clinical and biochemical blood test.

2. Based on these documents, doctors will make an assessment of your health condition and make the decision on the suitability of the therapy.

Skin diagnostic DNA tests

Knowing the most suitable composition of cosmetics
What type of supplements are suitable to an individual
What are the risks of stretch marks and cellulite
What products to pay attention to in the diet
Necessary food products to enhance a balanced diet
Evaluating telomeres recovery capability
Detection of oxidative stress levels

Metabolic DNA tests

Knowing whether it makes sense to drink caffeinated beverages for energy
Why do you crave sweets so much
Why don’t you gain weight as fast as you would like
What indicates satiety
What are the risks of fat accumulation
Knowing if you need a diet program and what is the most recommended type

DNA test for vitamin metabolism

Are lower vitamin levels a lifestyle consequence or they are genetically determined
How to properly choose the necessary supplements
On what food menu options to pay attention

DNA test to choose the sport type more suitable for an individual

What kind of sports activities are most appropriate
What are the suitable nutrient groups for an individual specific goal
What is the frequency of effective workouts
Risks of injuries
Genetically determined speed development in competitions
Muscle mass gain level

Behavioral, and mental health DNA test

A better understanding of behavior in different situations – why do I do it that way and not the other way? Knowing the cause of your emotions makes it easier to control.
You will learn your circadian rhythm, as well as the risks to your emotional health