Providing affordable care from a distance

The most effective way in this situation to receive treatment wherever you are. We are making use of virtual encounters to keep providing patients with safe, timely, quality care.

What means the provision of healthcare from a distance?

Remote therapy is a form of therapy in which a doctor meets with a client or patient via telephone, video call, the internet, or other electronic media in place of or in addition to a conventional face-to-face consultation with a doctor.
Based on the doctor’s prescription we will support medication purveyance.
To deliver the best results to your health while being on the other side of the world. During the online consultation, decide on the remote treatment plan with the doctor, you can start the initial treatment immediately.
We ensure that you will get remotely a treatment plan, medications supervision, and online consultations by:
  • oncologist
  • chemotherapist
  • radiologist
  • immunologist
  • nutritionist
  • supplement specialist
  • physiotherapist and many more.
Remote treatment solution
  • Remote monitoring by a doctor
  • Skype or phone consultation with the doctor at the end of the treatment course
  • Support medication purveyance
  • Development of an individual treatment plan for the next month courses
  • Patient Service Manager support