Ivana, Brain tumour

May 2023


Dear all,

I would like to look back and share our experience in treatment at Pallas Clinic in Latvia.

Our story began approximately 9 months ago when my cousin, 44 years old, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, glioblastoma IV. In total shock from the sudden and severe illness of a person who was completely healthy until then, we started looking for additional help for treatment with standard medicine.

We tried a lot of things in the first 6 months and then I started doing a little research on oncolytic drugs and that's where I found a Pallas Clinic and Virus Theraphy in Latvia.

At first we were afraid because we didn't know how she would react to this therapy. We received confirmation that the medicine really works from a family that was also treated at your clinic. After that, we had no doubts whether to try it. Our first and right hand is Mrs. Elvira who is our contact person in the clinic. We are very satisfied with the treatment that we receive and her always quick response to every inquiry.

Doctor Inga, the oncologist, who manages Irena, is more than approachable. She explains everything to us very simply during the interviews when we agree. She tries as hard as she can to make the difficult road to recovery easier for Irena. We are very satisfied with her.

After several months of using oncological Virus theraphy in combination with other therapies, we can say that the results of the treatment are finally visible. Although the road to recovery is long and difficult, we still have progress and faith in Irena's recovery.

I would recommend Pallas Clinic and Dr. Inga and Elvira as assistants to everyone, because they really helped us a lot. It's worth a try because there is always hope. We are still in the process of treatment, but for now everything indicates that we can hope for recovery.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and commitment to save a young life.

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مشاهدة الكل
Reicela, Breast cancer

I would also like to express my gratitude to your team, the nurses and support staff who worked tirelessly to ensure my comfort and well-being during each visit.

Cristina, Breast cancer
August 2022

You have not only played a significant role in my journey to recovery but have also left an indelible mark on my life. Your unwavering commitment to your patients and the field of oncology is truly commendable.

Tony, Pancreatic Cancer
March 2023

Your message is lovely and very thoughtful. Whatever happens you will all have a place in my heart for the help and support that I received.