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Virotherapy, also known as oncolytic virotherapy, is an innovative approach to cancer treatment that utilizes viruses to selectively target and destroy cancer cells.

The concept behind virotherapy is to use viruses that are engineered or naturally occurring to infect cancer cells, replicate within them, and ultimately cause their destruction.

Here are some key points about virotherapy:

  1.  Selective targeting:
    Oncolytic viruses are designed to preferentially infect and replicate within cancer cells while sparing normal healthy cells. This selectivity can be achieved through genetic modifications of the virus or by exploiting the inherent vulnerabilities of cancer cells.

  2. Cancer cell destruction:
    Once the oncolytic virus infects the cancer cells, it can cause their destruction in multiple ways. The virus can directly kill the cancer cells by disrupting their internal machinery, causing cell lysis (bursting), or inducing apoptosis (programmed cell death). Additionally, the infection triggers an immune response, which further contributes to the destruction of cancer cells.

  3. Stimulation of the immune system:
    Virotherapy can activate the immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells. The viral infection within the tumour can promote the release of tumour-associated antigens, which can stimulate an immune response against cancer cells both at the site of the infection and systemically.

  4. Combination therapy:
    Virotherapy can be used in combination with other cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or immunotherapy. The synergistic effects of these therapies can enhance the overall effectiveness of cancer treatment.

  5. Clinical applications:
    Virotherapy has shown promise in the treatment of various types of cancers, including melanoma, breast cancer, lung cancer, and certain types of solid tumours. Clinical trials are ongoing to assess its safety, efficacy, and optimal use in different cancer settings.

If you or a loved one are interested in virotherapy as a potential treatment option, it is essential to consult with an Pallas Clinic oncologist who specializes in this field.

Doctor can provide the most up-to-date information on available clinical trials and assess whether virotherapy is a suitable option for your specific cancer type and stage.


Before undergoing infusion therapy, it's important to ask your doctor or healthcare provider several questions to ensure that you are well-prepared and that the procedure goes smoothly.

Here are some questions you might consider asking:

  • What specific medication or solution will be used in the infusion?
  • How long will the infusion session take?
  • Are there any special instructions I need to follow before the infusion?
  • Should I eat or drink anything before the procedure?
  • What are the potential side effects or risks associated with this therapy?
  • Could you explain the process of the infusion to me?
  • How can I contact medical staff if I have questions or issues during or after the infusion?
  • Do I have any known medications or allergies that could affect this procedure?
  • Could this therapy interact with any other medications I'm currently taking?
  • What symptoms or side effects should I report after the infusion?
  • How often will I need to receive this therapy?
  • Are there any tests I need to have before or after the infusion?
  • What are the expected benefits of this infusion therapy?
  • Are there any dietary or activity restrictions I should follow before or after the infusion?
  • How will I know if the infusion therapy is working for me?
  • Is there any additional information or resources you can provide to help me understand this therapy better?

These questions can help you gain a clearer understanding of the infusion therapy, its purpose, and what to expect.


Open communication with your healthcare provider is key to ensuring that you have a safe and effective treatment experience.

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Time: 45 minute session
Results: 1 day

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Latvia, tagad dzīvoju Zviedrijā

Personāls - profesionāļi!!! Larisa no procedūru nodaļas, kas ņem asinis - zelta rokas!!! Šādus cilvēkus vajag iepriecināt! Lai Dievs jums dod veselību un vairāk naudas! Ar lielu pateicību, Elena.

Leonard, prostate cancer

In December 2022 I had an appointment at Pallas Clinic with oncologist-immunologist Inta Jaunalksne in a very critical condition. The doctor attentively listened, examined me and referred me for further examinations. The diagnosis revealed an advanced stage (I was in a state of shock), but Inta is simply brilliant - professionally, competently, tactfully, and confidently directed us (my wife and me) with faith and hope on the path of treatment. She explained all the treatment options in detail and emphasized the need for a lot of effort and time, urging us to responsibly follow the doctors' recommendations. The amount of professionalism, knowledge, patience, and humanity in this delicate lady is remarkable! You are a Doctor with a capital "D." The treatment continues, and now, you are our Guardian Angel! We approach our appointments with immense faith and hope in you. We thank you! And may you, our Bright Individual, have good health, peace, and human happiness! Your patient, Leonard.